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Art Gallery Advertising Campaign

The Adelaide Festival of Arts ‘Northern Lights’ is one of the most popular events of the Adelaide Festival where all historic building facades in the North Terrace precinct are illuminated with a kaleidoscope of projected images. During the Northern Lights event, the Art Gallery of South Australia would be open for twilight tours and a chance to experience the Gallery in a ‘whole new light’.

The brief was to design an Advertising Campaign promoting the South Australian Art Gallery open and ‘Uplate’ in the evenings. The Environmental Signage would need to be vibrant enough to attract attention during this spectacular event.


Alex identified the direction and pathway for the creative to flow, inspired by experiencing the Gallery in a ‘whole new light’. Image Direction with a focus on ‘light’ was selected with branding inline with the Gallery’s corporate advertising. The use of bold, uppercase, sans-serif title font for easy visibility during the day and evening events.

The result — an award winning Advertising Campaign experience that is vibrant & eye catching and contributed to the successful attendance of twilight tours during the Northern Lights Festival.

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