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Art Gallery Exhibition Campaign

The Art Gallery of South Australia is the State’s premier visual arts institution. It is custodian of the State’s public collection of 45,000 works of art, which is one of the largest and finest in the country and is South Australia’s single most valuable asset.

Marketing Objectives

The major marketing goals were to promote the Rupert Bunny Exhibition and encourage people to visit and participate in the Gallery’s programs.


The first step as Design Partner for the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) and establishing an Exhibition Campaign direction, included an audit and review of existing marketing collateral & development of new creative. Once a strong Brand Presence was established, a Brand Guide was established which included a template design format to be used across various media. The design met marketing objectives and solved branding in-consistencies with a strong, clear and unique creative that repositioned the Gallery whilst retaining existing brand equity for leverage. 

Each exhibition would be identifiable by a unique colour that would be selected through careful review of the proposed marketing images.

The Rupert Bunny Exhibition Campaign was instantly recognisable whilst displayed across Adelaide.


  • Adelaide Airport Illuminated Lightbox Display
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Bus Shelters
  • North Terrace Lightbox
  • Pullup Banner
  • Table Setting Advertising
  • Press Adverts
  • Magazine Adverts
  • Online Adverts
  • Building Banners
Rupert Bunny North Terrace Lightbox Signage
Rupert Bunny Pull-up Banner
Rupert Bunny Fence Signage Banner
Rupert Bunny Table Cloth Advertising

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