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Modinetti Brand Identity

Vintage vespa’s, antique venetian bikes, fixers, authentic Italian cuisine & espresso… welcome to Modinetti. Modinetti proudly proclaims coffee as king with great baristas, uncompromising standards and the best local produce. Freshly roasted coffee beans, thick creamy milk, an array of home style biscuits and sweets to match and an always eclectic mix of music covering all genres makes this little espresso bar a great place to catch up with friends and colleges.

Modinetti commissioned Sono Advertising to collaborate the creation of an integrated and extensive brand identity that would imbue the espresso bar with a fresh take on the 60s vintage motorcycle racing era and pay homage to vintage venetian bikes and modern day fixers.

Sono Advertising developed a visual language unique and distinct to Modinetti. A key strategy was to create a cohesive brand identity that would facilitate the growth from a local name to a widely recognised brand.  The brand identity included strategy, naming, logo development and design, shop fitout and advertising.

The Modinetti name was developed to reflect the owners Italian heritage and incorporates a play on words combining the owner’s name (Dom), “Modin” to showcase the ‘Modern’ take on Classic Casalinga Cuisine and ‘etti’ which implies ‘small’ in Italian to reflect the cafe’s cosy atmosphere.

Sono Advertising’s objective was to create a custom Visual Identity (logo) that combined the Café Racer era with a touch of mechanical and a slight Italian feel. The logo was originally hand-lettered in tight pencil before being vectorised and carefully engineered to perform in a variety of digital and print environments including stationery, direct mail, menu systems, 3D wall lettering, eye candy bollards, signage, website and social media.

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Modinetti Internal Signage
Modinetti Logo

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